Make Your Purpose Pay You

Owned and Facilitated Shamieka Dean

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Make Your Purpose Pay You is a CUTTING EDGE online course with the LATEST and GREATEST social media strategies to build a LASTING business yielding PROFITABLE results. 

This course gives you an INSIDE look into the EXACT tools, tips and techniques I used to turn my PURPOSE into a SIX FIGURE brand using only wifi, cell phone and a laptop. You’ll walk away with the CLARITY you need to develop products and services your clients will LOVE and QUICKLY pay for.In this course.



  1. How to turn your purpose into profit 

2. How to create MULTIPLE streams of income  

3. How to identify and find your clients 

4. How to create products your clients LOVE 

5. How to identify the RIGHT platform for your services 

6. How to get your clients to say “I do” to you


  1. 4 Pre-Recorded Videos 

2. Access to ALL future LIVE Group Strategy Sessions 

3. BONUS 1: Access to MEMBERS ONLY Support Group  

4. BONUS 2: PREMIUM MEMBERS Discount on Marketing and Branding Courses 

5. BONUS 3: 24 Hour Email Technical Support

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Shamieka Dean
Shamieka Dean

Dr. Shamieka Dean holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Leadership and Psychology. She's a six figure earner as a Purpose & Profit Strategist to entrepreneurs, influencers and innovators. She's an international selling author of Positioning Yourself to be a Wife and her Signature Course Positioning Yourself to be a Wife has changed lives all over the world. Find out more about her courses at

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by Lou Ann Kent

by Lou Ann Kent